Hannes Brugger

In addition to his work as an instrumentalist in electroacoustic music, Hannes Brugger is dedicated to the implementation of live electronics and computer music and feels at home in digital environments such as Max / MSP, PureData or Csound. Born in Northern Italy in 1991, he grew up studying percussions at the Monteverdi Conservatory in Bolzano, Italy. He has been living in Stuttgart since 2016, where he has been studying classical percussions and contemporary music at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart with Prof Marta Klimasara and Prof Klaus Dreher.

Hannnes Brugger has attended numerous master classes from renowned Percussions personalities such as Mike Quinn, Simone Rubino, Raymond Curfs, Arnold Marinissen and Se-Mi Hwang. As an ensemble and orchestral musician - but also as a soloist - he has given concerts with orchestras such as the Theater Pforzheim, Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim, Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn, Orchestra I Pomerigi Musicali di Milano and Orchestra Haydn and has performed at festivals and institutions such as Music of the Centuries and TonArt Festival Esslingen.